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The purpose of Nexus Research and Policy Center, an independent, not-for-profit, nonpartisan institution, is the promotion of both access to higher education and educational success with demonstrable learning and degree completion achievement.

Nexus does this through research on teaching, learning and educational best practices and by preparing action-oriented analyses of pressing policy issues facing states and the nation regarding the improvement of educational efficiency, effectiveness and degree completion success. Nexus is especially dedicated to studying and supporting underserved student populations and the institutions that seek to educate them.

To help reach its goals, Nexus undertakes research and promotes policies that improve the proprietary education sector and that contribute to a better understanding across all sectors of higher education. Since its founding in 2009, with the assistance of educators, policymakers, and philanthropic foundations, Nexus has worked to build a foundation of transparency and independence that includes researchers from all sectors of higher education.

By its research and policy promotion, Nexus seeks to advance the delivery of quality learning experiences that can lead to degrees and credentials that are the basis for the personal growth and career success of underserved or poorly served students.

To promote these aims, Nexus performs original research, analysis, policy formulation and stakeholder education that:

  1. Explores the educational experiences of non-traditional students, who today make up the majority of college enrollment, in order to guide public policy that affects all sectors of higher education.
  2. Develops new tools to improve the performance of non-traditional students and the institutions that serve them.
  3. Increases the educational effectiveness of proprietary institutions in order to increase student success.
  4. Promotes a regulatory framework that reflects a mandate to improve the education of non-traditional students for their personal and professional growth and to improve the competitiveness of the nation.

Center Staff

Dr. Jorge Klor de Alva
Dr. Ronald L. Trowbridge
Jenn Myers

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