Resident Scholars

  • Dr. Jorge Klor de Alva, president, Nexus Research and Policy Center; former president of the University of Phoenix; Class of 1940 Professor, University of California–Berkeley; professor, Princeton University
  • Dr. Mark Schneider, president, College Measures; vice president, American Institutes for Research; former U.S. Commissioner of Education Statistics, National Center for Education Statistics; Distinguished Professor, Stony Brook University
  • Dr. Ronald L. Trowbridge, member Board of Trustees, Lone Star College System; former director, Educational and Cultural Affairs at the United States Information Agency, directing the Fulbright Program; chief of staff to U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger

Visiting Scholars

  • Dr. Raymund Paredes, Commissioner, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board; former professor and vice chancellor for Academic Development, UCLA; director of creativity and culture, Rockefeller Foundation; vice president, Hispanic Scholarship Fund

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